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Why is Agave LD the company you should hire to mulch your flower beds if you live in Austin and Round Rock, Texas?

Why is mulching important?

How frequently should you mulch your flower beds?

How much mulch is necessary?

This post will address the previous questions.

Agave LD is a full service company which means we perform the following services and much more; Landscape Design/Install, Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care (Fertilization/Weed Control). Mulching is another service we offer because you cannot have the most beautiful and healthy flower beds without mulch. The mulch we install only comes from the best vendors here in Austin and Round Rock, Texas. When you hire us to install mulch at your property you can be sure you are only getting the best product there is.

Mulching at least once each year is recommended to insure your plants have proper protection against harsh temperatures. It also helps keep down those annoying weeds that are pain to see in your flower beds. This material also provides excellent ground cover for plants to hold in moisture. My favorite reason and for most homeowners is that mulch really makes your flower beds pop with a beautiful contrast with the rest of your Landscape.

Too much Mulch and you create the perfect environment for fungus and other harmful issues to your plants. Too little Mulch and you defeat the purpose of proper coverage. We always install mulch at a depth of 3″ which is the perfect amount. 

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