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Agave LD is a full-service landscaping company, providing landscaping maintenance, design, and construction services to clients all around Bee Cave, Texas.

Expert Landscaping Company in Bee Cave

What makes Agave LD one of the best lawn care and landscaping companies in Bee Cave? In addition to our high-quality work, we also have the utmost respect for our customers. We will not rest until we have exceeded your expectations. As a local and family owned business in Bee Cave, we cherish qualities such as punctuality, open communication, and determination.

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Areas in Bee Cave We Serve

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Creative Design & Construction Services in Bee Cave

From The Homestead to Two Creeks, Agave LD proudly provides landscape design and construction services to the Bee Caves area. We can transform your lawn into an outdoor haven that works seamlessly with the rest of your home’s appearance. Our team’s excellent communication and collaboration skills not only make the process easier for you, but guarantee unmatched results.

We specialize in designing and installing a variety of landscaping, hardscaping, and xeriscaping elements including pergolas, water features, plant designs, sod installation, and terraces. Our comprehensive skill set enables us to create unforgettable landscapes that leave you breathless.

Maintaining a Spotless Landscape

Your lawn sets the first impression for your property and overgrown grass, or unkempt flower beds can create a poor impression. On the other hand, well maintained properties create the impression of quality and excellence.
As much as a creative landscape design can boost your home’s value and curb appeal, this is only true if your landscape is consistently taken care of. With our landscape maintenance services, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to oversee monthly lawn maintenance, ensuring your property always looks spotless. Maintain the image you’ve worked to create with the help of Agave LD.

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Fertilization & Weed Treatments for Your Home in Bee Cave

Your yard isn’t just a plot of land but rather a place to get together with friends and family, throw a ball around, and have a barbeque. It’s where memories are made and it’s important to ensure your lawn is not only visibly beautiful, but also comfortable to walk around on.
Between high levels of humidity and hard, limestone ridden soil, it’s not uncommon for lawns in Texas to become dry, brittle, and desperately in need of fertilization. Agave LD proudly offers lawn fertilization, weed control, insecticide application, and disease prevention to keep your lawn looking and feeling great.

Bee Cave Irrigation Inspection & Management

Have you ever turned on your sprinkler system only to find it’s not working at all? Or maybe it is working, but not on schedule or not in the correct areas of your lawn. When this happens, the expert team at Agave LD can inspect your sprinkler system and make any necessary adjustments.

We also provide sprinkler maintenance services where we routinely check your system to ensure it’s running as it should. Say goodbye to the frustration of dry patches and pools of water and let Agave LD keep your sprinkler system in check.

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At Agave LD, our goal is to provide high-quality, memorable landscaping services, in combination with the highest level customer experience to clients all over Bee Cave, TX. Request an estimate or give us a call today!

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