open design on krause lane

Fusions is a design that dilutes the differing traits instilled upon natural modern designs. The first step was introducing a clean, flush patio squared off by black custom steel and stone planters. Sharp edges are juxtaposed against smooth, dim-colored stone, and topped with a platter of different vegetation. A certain waterfall effect is portrayed from a layered boulder slope. This design depicts the benefits of executing an open design.

agave-Fusions 1
agave-Fusions 2
agave-Fusions 3
agave-Fusions 4
agave-Fusions 5
agave-Fusions 6
agave-Fusions 7
agave-Fusions 8
agave-Fusions 9
agave-Fusions 10
agave-Fusions 11
agave-Fusions 12
agave-Fusions 13
agave-Fusions 14
agave-Fusions 15

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