Lawn Care Round Rock, TX Experts on Diagnosing Brown Patch and Treatment


We have noticed Brown Patch in many properties in Round Rock, TX. This Fungus  Disease can affect Zoyzia and Bermuda grass but it is mostly found in St.Augustine grass. The symptoms are pretty clear if you have it because you will start to notice irregular or circular patches of brown and yellowing grass.

Causes of Brown Patch

One of the main reasons for brown patch is over watering lawn. Watering your lawn is very important for the health of your grass but you have to adjust the timing as the seasons change. Also if you water at night it is most likely that you will have brown patch at some point. Watering has to be done in the morning to allow water to dry off and not sit on your lawn for more than 4 hours. 

Weather is also a variable because grass is more susceptible to being infected by brown patch during cool weather. Symptoms might be more noticeable during  the spring, fall, and early winter when temperatures are cool.


Irrigate only in the morning and adjust watering time depending on season. Mow your lawn low and aerate at least once a year  to allow air to move in to the root zone. Apply a two-step fungicide to treat symptoms. Once you have brown patch you can only control it but if left untreated you will eventually kill large portions of your grass.

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