artful design in wolf ranch

Minerals varies in its structural components and color tones. To tie them all together, the design used the curvature of the mulch flowerbed and the rock that comes before to bind these two elements together. Boulders used like commas in a paragraph help break up the landscape visually. Steel work mirrors a green wall to build vertical visual interest as your eye trails through the landscaping.

agave-Minerals 1
agave-Minerals 2
agave-Minerals 3
agave-Minerals 4
agave-Minerals 5
agave-Minerals 6
agave-Minerals 7
agave-Minerals 8
agave-Minerals 9
agave-Minerals 10
agave-Minerals 11
agave-Minerals 12
agave-Minerals 13
agave-Minerals 14
agave-Minerals 15

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