Rowley is located in Cedar Park, Texas, and was a complete overhaul of both the front and back spaces. The client was very specific with their wants and needs, and there were also a few problems we had to address. These included lack of curb appeal, poor drainage in the back of the home, and a lack of functionality in the backyard space – the family’s three adorable dogs were not able to run around in the yard after the rain.

The client’s main goal was to create an outdoor environment that could be enjoyable for both kids and adults. They also wanted to use the front yard, which already included two shady oak trees. Our team came up with a design that nailed down a way to fix the existing issues as well as implement the client’s wishes.

In the front yard, we installed a nice concrete sitting area with a steel planter. To top it off, we added a water feature and outdoor lighting to create a cozy space. In the backyard, we designed a fully underground drainage system, and built a stone wall that moved the water in the direction we wanted. We also redid the entire irrigation system, new palisades zoysia, new composite decking, and a play area for the kids.

This project is definitely a head-turner – the client was extremely happy with the end result!

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